Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

0 China, Heaven For The Hacker

China apparently is a ‘paradise’ for hackers. Because the country has many virtual stores open marketplace or a particular trade in malicious software aka malware (malicious software).
As quoted from PCWorld site, according to one security expert who spoke at the Black Hat hacker conference Defcon in Texas USA, the tools needed to do hacking with low prices and can be customized, can be obtained easily in China

“The hackers (hackers) in China to develop malware is almost like a commercial software product,” said Val Smith, founder of computer security firm Attack Research, quoted from PCWorld.
As with any commercial software, malware products they offer are equipped with serial number, product advertising, licensing agreements, up to 24-hour support service. According to Smith, the hacker community is very big in the marketplace, and a lot of malware that are available are also already very sophisticated.
Not like in the U.S. where hackers trade in hacking tools secretly, in China most of the malware can be obtained easily in an open, even through a search engine Baidu.com
Consumers can get the tools were for less than $ 20 or subscribe to become members to get updates and supply of new tools on a regular basis. They also can choose the tools hackers what they want, ranging from data theft tool, screen capture, keystroke loggers, or other type of hacking.
The buyers can also try your malware programs before buying. Even earlier malware programs can also be equipped with a statistical tool that can detect the extent of the spread of infection caused by the program.

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