Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

0 Cara Mengatasi Error "Chassis intruded, Fatal error system halted"

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Hi. I recently got this mobo and the problem is that on the boot a message appears: "Chassis intruded, Fatal error...system halted". I´ve read a lot about this problem and a tried everything:

- Clear CMOS
- Change slots rams
- Change cpu
- Change chassis intrusion position jumper

Whenever i clear the CMOS or change the cpu i can get into the Bios but at the next boot the problem persists.

Does anybody know how to dolve this problem? (obviously in the Bios there is no option to disable the chassis intrusion funtion, it´s suppossed to be disable if the jumper is in the correct position, but it isn´t really disable).

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