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0 CyberLink MediaShow Ultra 5.1.2

CyberLink MediaShow Ultra 5.1.2109pa Multilingual + RUS FULL VERSION

CyberLink MediaShow Ultra 5.1.2109pa MUltilingual + RUS FULL VERSION | 259 MB

CyberLink MediaShow Ultra - a powerful professional solution for creation, convert, burn video to DVD, as well as a variety of photo slideshows. This application allows you to work with digital images obtained from virtually any source - cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and druih sources, and an attractive and easy to use 3D-interface makes it easy to work with digital resources, search and navigate by album, sort of archives. The program performs automatic sorting, search and view detailed previews.
• Managing, enhancing and sharing your photos and videos
• Easy import of your pictures and video files
• Quick search your media library
• 3D liquid user interface
• Super-Fast Work
• Change in skin interface in real time
• Import video files from DV and HDV
• Importing video and images from digital cameras and mobile phones
• Importing video and images of these directories and drives
• Instantly search all videos and photos by tags, creation time, and descriptions
• Adding tags and descriptions
• Built-in one-Clicks tools to improve image and video
• Preview in real time during editing
• Use a different video to your videos
• Cancel all the acts committed in one click
• Mark selected videos and photos with asterisks
• Using styles slideshow
• Create videos using slideshow
• Repeat slideshow
• Comparison of pre-and post on one screen
• Powerful video converter
• Create, write, DVD, AVCHD and Blu-Ray
• Built-in DVD menu templates
• Upload images and videos on Flickr and Youtube
• Convert slideshow screensavers
• Print to local printers
• Support for multi-core processors
and much more ....

Key Features:
· Fun Video and Photo Management
· Easy Import of Video and PhotoFiles
· Transfer your media content quickly fromdigital cameras, phones, and camcorders.
· Quick Searching of Your Media Library
· Manage photos and videos with automatic sorting, built-in search, easy-to-add tags, and detailed thumbnails.
· Fluid Interaction
· Enjoy the beauty of working in style with MediaShow's 3D liquid interface. Manage your albums and folders with an easy drag, or simple click.
· Quick Fixes, Fast Enhancing of Videos and Photos
· One-click Fixes
· Enhance pictures and videos with just one click thanks to quick-fix editing tools.
· Split-Screen Editing
· Picture editing is faster and easier on the eyes when you can see the "before" and "after" next to each other.
· Personalized Content
· Enhance your pictures, show them off on slideshows and on Flickr. Personalize your videos and publish them on video sharing sites.
· Stylish DVDs and Instant Blog Content
· Go Global, Fast
· Get blogging and sharing quickly, with direct upload to video sharing sites and Flickr.
• 3-Click Disc Creation
· Create quality DVDs with stylish menus, preview in seconds, then burn with ease.
· Stunning Slideshows
· Sync your pics to the beat of your background music, and achieve video-like results, with the "cell-style" slideshow.
· One-Click Sharing
· Share your content fast, thanks to MediaShow's direct email links. Print pictures at home or order them online with one click.
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