Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

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This program listens for sound. If it detects any, it starts recording automatically and also automatically stops when things become silent again.


Download link:listener-2.0.0.tgz(ALSA version)
listener-1.7.2.tgz(old OSS version)
This program needs libsndfile.


An announcement- and discussion mailinglist has been started.
Send an e-mail to upin474@yahoo.com with in the subject 'subscribe listener' to subscribe. The archive can be found 


  • implement low, high and bandfilter
  • make ALSA compatible
  • make filename configurable with date and/or in subdirectories


2.0.0: first version which is using ALSA for sound I/O
1.7.2: listener can now write its pid to a file when running in daemon-mode. also added one-shot recording
1.7.1: 'on_event_start' did not work
1.7.0: 'on_event_start' can now specify what script to start as soon as the recording starts, one can now use fixed amplification factor, one can now let listener store the audio recorded before the sound started
1.6.5: 'setlistener' stopped working, fixed.
1.6.4: output filename can be defined with a template, audio can be automatically amplified, audio recorded *before* the sound starts can be stored to disk, recording from stereo sources now works, added a Makefile for FreeBSD
0.9: added support for other outputformats besides .wav-files, also added other compression methods
0.8: added external filter supported. included is a low- and highpass filter and a coding example. also the maximum length of a sample-file can be set
0.7: one can now let listener treat a stereo soundcard as 2 soundcards using an included softwaresplitter (no kernel patch required) enabling you to monitor 2 rooms with only 1 soundcard
0.6: one can now configure several parameters via the commandline
0.5: fixes to make it compile under FreeBSD
0.4: if the sound ends, one can now let an external script/program be executed. samples can now be compressed with several compressionschemes
0.3: one can now select the samplerate and set the minimum duration of the sound before recording starts
0.2: when invalid configurationparameters where found in the configurationfile, listener would segfault. that is now fixed
0.1: initial release


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