Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

0 UPDATE: MSN Password Hacker 2.0

Today I finally have gotten around  to uploading a new version of MSN Password Hacker.  Heres the run down of what’s new or changed;

  • A Cleaner Interface; More user-friendly and more explanatory in how to use.
  • File Size Reduction; Reduced from 47kb(previous release) to an even smaller 16kb!
  • NEW Password Strength Indicator; If it finds the password it will check to see if its even safe to use. Remember, the more unique the better!
So as you can see nothing major but I felt it needed cleaning up and something different to be added that other retrieval programs don’t offer.  So what are you waiting for, give the NEW MSN Password Hacker a try for yourself and leave you feedback on(duh!) on the feedback page!

Dari Pada Saling Hack Ym Mending aku ga aku kasih tau aja tools nya

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