Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

0 Zeus BotNet : Buat bikin bot

sorry nih om klo salah room.. abis gak teu mo truh dimana...
ni ak punya tool.. yg mungkin bisa digunain temen2 di BT buat nyari dana bersama.. ( Sedikit haram hasilna ).

Zeus BotNet
ZeuS - software to steal personal user data from remote systems, Windows. On
plain language of "trojan", "backdoor", "virus". But the author does not like these words, therefore, further documentation
He will call this software "Bot".

Boat is fully based on the WinAPI Interception in UserMode (Ring3), this means that the bot does not use
drivers or treatments in Ring0. This feature makes it possible to run even on
Guest Account. Plus, it ensures greater stability and adaptability
on next versions of Windows.

Bot is written in Visual C + + version 9.0 +, with no additional libraries are used
(no msvcrt, ATL, MFC, QT, etc. used). Code is written with the following priorities (in descending order):
1. stability (carefully checked all the results of the call functions, etc.)
2. size (to avoid duplication of algorithms, repetitive calls, functions, etc.)
3. speed (not the type of instruction while (1 ){..}, for (int i = 0; i <strlen (str); i ++){..}).

Functions and features bot:
1. Sniffer traffic for the protocol TCP.
1.1. Interception of FTP logins on any port.
1.2. Interception of POP3 logins on any port.
1.3. The interception of any data from the traffic (a personal request).

2. Intercepting HTTP / HTTPS requests to wininet.dll, ie all programs working with this
library. This includes Internet Explorer (any version), Maxton, etc.
2.1. Substitution ..

3. The functions of the server.
3.1 Socks4/4a/5.
3.2 Backconnect for any services (RDP, Socks, FTP, etc.) on the infected machine. You can
access to a computer that is behind a NAT, or, for example, that
banned from the internet connection.
3.3 Getting a screenshot of your screen in real time.
- other not leasted features ---

ulasan singkatana kyak getu masbro..detilna da di dalem kok..
sorry gak ak translate.. biar gaya sitik...

Note :
Kale aj mo dibentuk team botnet.. cari dana buat tambahan apa getu.. buat masbro dan nonbro disini mungkin bisa edit toolna supaya lebih tangguh..atau klo toolna mengganggu kesehatan, dibuang aj jauh2..

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