Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

0 Browser Opera Terbaru Versi 11.50

Browser opera saat ini sudah mencapai versi Opera 11.50 dan untuk melihat apa saja perubahan yang terjadi di Opera 11.50 ini silahkan lihat daftar berikut ini:
# Display and scripting
* Improvements
- Improved pop-up blocker (now blocks more pop-ups)
- Implemented HTMLInputElement.indeterminate, and checkbox indeterminate state
- Made parseInt significantly faster
- Improved W3C Geolocation test suite conformance
- Enable EventSource interface in Web Workers
- Improved handling of Link entries with invalid dates
- Reduced memory use in representation of compiled ECMAScript code
- Allowed extensions and browser to share cookies
- Optimizations to CSS tokenizing (CSS parsing performance up to 10-15% faster)
# User interface
* Improvements
- Improved layout handling for Speed Dial
- Removed empty Speed Dial suggestions buttons
- Provided an option to pin Opera to the taskbar on Windows 7
- Added indeterminate state to checkbox native skins
- Translation improvements
- Added the preferences option: opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowDropdownButtonInAddressfield

* Fixed
- Updated mailproviders.xml to support the new My Opera Mail service
- Menu > Mail > Read Mail failing to show mail
- Saved sessions containing a Mail tab not loading in a profile without a mail account
- New label filter not catching messages with default settings
- After deleting a label, mails do not become visible in other views
- Crash occurring when marking many mails as read with the Space key
- Deleting mail and feed messages only being marked as read
- Crash occurring when marking many mails as read with the Space key
- Email attachment disappearing after viewing it
- External embeds being blocked in Drafts view
- “Go to web address” done in mail or chat opening an unnecessary blank tab
# Miscellaneous
* Fixed
- Installer crashing when clicking Terms of Service
# Security
* Improvements
- Tightened security policies in several locations
- Fixed a moderately severe issue. Details will be disclosed at a later date.
- Fixed an issue where data URIs could be used to initiate cross site scripting against unrelated sites, as reported by Michal Zalewski of the Google Security Team.
- Fixed an issue with error pages that could cause a system crash, as reported through JPCERT
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