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0 DOWNLOAD ZqWare ScreenViewer 2.0.0

ZqWare ScreenViewer 2.0.0

ScreenViewer is used for remote computer screen monitoring. It captures a remote screenshot from remote computer and sends to you when you want to view remote desktop.The software can be used for following situation.

Monitor your computer from a remote location.
Parents can monitor what their children are doing.
Employer can monitor what his employees are doing.
Teacher can see his students' computer screens.

Basic principle: ScreenViewer includes two parts - server and client. Server is installed on target computer, and client is installed on your computer. The client sends a request to the server, then the server makes a screenshot and sends it to the client. The client receives the screenshot and displays it on your screen.

Key Feature include:
The server program is invisible, just resides in the background.
It doesn't need a video hook driver, easy to install and uninstall.
No real-time video stream, just screenshot, very low impact on system.
No remote control, not be warned by Anti-virus software.
You can save the screenshot image as a JPEG format file.
A client can connect multiple servers, i.e. you can view multiple remote screens at the same time.
Installation and Operation is simple, very easy to use!

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