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0 workstation protection with deep freeze 7.0 full version n

Faronics Deep Freeze protects workstation software from accidental or malicious damage—without restricting user access. Deep Freeze is a program that works to restore our computer operating system to its original state after a restart, or in other words freeze our computer's operating system. 

Here are some key features of "Deep Freeze Standard":
1.very good
2.Absolute Protection
3.Guarantees 100% workstation recovery on restart
4.Provides password protection and complete security
5.Protects multiple hard drives and partitions
6.Integration and Compatibility
7.Supports multiple hard drives and partitions
8.Supports multi-boot environments
9.Compatible with Fast User Switching
10.Supports SCSI, ATA, SATA, and IDE hard drives
11.Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, basic and dynamic disks
12.Localized in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese
13.Deployment Options
14.Offers silent install option for rapid network deployment
15.Provides option to deploy on multiple workstations as part of amaster image
16.DFC included in Workstation/Seed installations

How to Install:

Download Deep Freeze Standard v6.61.20.2822.
Perform installation.
When the installation process, bloggers will be asked to enter a serial. Enter the serial that I have given at download package.
Select a drive anywhere you would Freeze. For example: Drive C.
The computer will enter into restart.
When finish restart computer, run Deep Freeze Standard and then press shift by click2xDeep Freeze icon in the sys tray. ( or press ctrl+shift+alt simulation
It will appear enter password. Click Ok, since you have not created a password.

Click the Password tab, to create a password.
Click Ok

Boot frozen: if you choose this, your computer will remain in the freeze every time youboot.

Boot Thawed on Next: at unfreeze the computer will restart for a long time, klo youselect 2 then restart twice, deepfreeze program will be on non-switch or unfreeze. More than 2, your computer will freeze again.

Boot Thawed: if the vote is, after you restart your computer, your computer will unfreezein indefinitely, until you get the settings back.

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